Samruddhi Timeline

Samruddhi’s Journey "From 2000 Till 2021"

Our Independence marked the beginning of various political, social and economic transformation throughout the country. In the past seventy-four years, thirst has been ignited in the business community to join the $5 trillion economy club of the world.

When the Y2K era started, liberalization, privatization and globalization start picking up fast pace in India, Liberalization brought about changes like abolition of licensing, liberalization of foreign investment relaxation of local restrictions, MRTP Act.

Globalization opened domestic markets for inflow of foreign goods, FDI policy of GOI allowed 100% foreign equity. Also, acts like FERA (Foreign Exchange Regulation Act), TRIP’S (Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights) paved way for faster globalization.

Privatization gave autonomy of public sector and disinvestment policies.

India was slowly emerging as an IT power but lacked the recognition and optimism for ‘’MADE IN INDIA’’ concept. Samrudhhi Industries Limited stepped forward to making an ‘’MAKE IN INDIA’’ brand setting an example for other sectors thereby boosting our national economy. Even in hard times, Indian brands gave tough competition to their foreign competitors. And Samruddhi was one of them.

In recognition of the ‘MADE IN INDIA’ concept, Samruddhi is a group of inspired individuals bringing forth Indian comfort to Indian rural life.

Our Journey Till Now

Samruddhi kept " Customer Needs" at its core and made customer desirable customized products after thorough research over consumer's psychology and behavioral pattern. Invention of unbreakable Ghamela/Scuttle, Tasala and Tagarin was a revolutionary step in the industry.

The impact : Our innovative marketing strategies was a milestone move for the rural population especially the youth. It gave them a hope and opportunities to step into entrepreneurship thereby enforcing small scale businesses boosting economic growth.

The path to success : With a turnover of over 150 crores, Samruddhi Industries has witnessed a dramatic rise in its networking and business strategy. The drive to success was laid out, loyal, growth-oriented and high-performing distribution network. For any company, setting up a well-established distribution network is the most challenging task. For the last 30 years, Samruddhi has tackled and overcome every challenge in their path.

Our presence : From the snow-clad mountains of Ladakh to the beautiful city of Kanyakumari, from the coastal land of Porbandar to the picturesque Silchar, our existence is all over India.

Our achievements : Samruddhi, synonymous with Unbreakable Plastic Products, has managed to change the Indian mindset to adapt plastic over others. We have also invented the RRLMS system, appreciated & recognized by renowned management institutions like the IIMs.

Samruddhi, with its MADE IN INDIA belief, continues on this path to make India better.

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